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Mobile Escape Room Hire: Group Types

Mobile Escape Room Hire: Group Types

Mobile Escape Rooms are great fun. FACT! Who doesn’t love being trapped in a room with friends, family and colleagues? A mobile escape room is a great way to escape reality and be transported to another world. Often fully immersive, a mobile escape room takes players out of their comfort zone into unknown territory, which can be uncomfortable for some group types.

A mobile escape room is a great choice for anyone looking for an escape room experience at their place of work, home or chosen venue. No longer fixed to their concrete foundations, mobile escape rooms bring all the thrills of a traditional escape room directly to you. A mobile escape room can be set up both indoors and outdoors and has the capability to entertain groups of 10 upto 500 players, but what group types are mobile escape rooms best suited to?

Corporate events are varied and can include but are not limited to: training workshops, corporate dinners, charity events, Christmas parties, conferences, seminars and annual meetings. Most of these events are driven by a stringent and strategic agenda, creating a need for fun and time out away from the intensity of the day. A mobile escape room is a great addition to corporate events, as they offer attendees the opportunity to escape the meeting room and be immersed in the unknown. Perfect for blowing away the cobwebs and revitalising teams.

Team building events have been around for many years and are a great way of enhancing relationships within a team. Team building events also focus on collaborative communication, building effective working relationships, and aligning around roles. The key characteristics of team building events make a mobile escape room a perfect fit for any event. A mobile escape room creates a pressure-cooker environment, encouraging team members to work together to solve problems in order to escape. Could there be a better fit?

Private hire of a mobile escape room would typically be hired for events such as birthday parties, weddings and stag and hen parties. The reason a mobile escape room suits these types of groups is the unique entertainment they offer people, not to mention the ‘mobile’ element of the experience - which means the mobile escape room can be set up in almost any location. Great for people staying away from home in hired accommodation or those hosting a party at home.

Youth services and education sectors events typically look to promote teamwork, collaboration and most importantly professional development. A mobile escape room has the unique opportunity to simulate a ‘real life’ situation, by encouraging teams to problem solve under pressure, with people they may not know, and in an unknown environment. It is this simulation of a life situation that enables players to grow, learn and develop skills which enhance professional development.

As you can see, a mobile escape room is not limited to one type of group, infact, it’s quite the opposite. A mobile escape room is unquestionably a unique and versatile offering, perfect for most events and audiences. From children’s parties to conferences, the mobile escape room is an experience not to be missed or ignored.


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