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Mobile Escape Game UK

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We have a varied and dynamic range of activities which are suitable for the following corporate events:


conferences, training workshops, internal meetings, annual meetings, Christmas parties, executive retreats, corporate dinners, seminars and assessment centres.

All of our activities teach valuable life skills that are highly applicable to education. We work with the following educational establishments:


schools, colleges, universities and boarding schools.

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eDUCATION sector

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All of our activities have been designed to enhance social relations within a team. Each activity is based on collaborative communication, building effective working relationships and aligning around roles. The uniqueness of our activities create a pressure-cooker environment encouraging teams work together in an unknown territory.

Escape Game Events - Team Building - Mobile Escape room UK

Escape Game Events - Team Building - Mobile Escape Room

Mobile Escape Room UK

Team Building

Offic Lockdown

Escape Game Events, Team Building

Team Building uk

Escape Game Events

Mobile Escape ROmm UK

As many of our activities can be set up and run in almost any location it makes them the perfect fit for any private celebration. Popular private hire events include:

weddings, birthday parties, bar/mitzvah, Christmas parties, children’s parties, garden parties, tea parties and cocktail parties.

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private parties

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youth services

Our activities are ‘all inclusive’ and promote: teamwork, collaboration, skills development and leadership, which make our events a great addition to any youth service program.

All of our activities are suitable for small groups and offer something unique to the stag and hen market. As we can set up in almost any space or venue this makes our activities the ideal choice for groups staying away from home in hotels, guesthouses or an Airbnb.

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Stag and Hen parties

Mobile Escape Room

Scout Groups

Many of our activities offer the flexibility to run at large scale events by offering time management services, this means we can maximum participation numbers whilst running alongside a wider events program. These activities are suitable for:

scout groups, cubs, beavers, girl camps, Jewish camps, Christian camps and single sex camps.

Our bespoke escape room services offer clients the opportunity to advertise and promote their services through the medium of an escape room. This service is suitable for clients looking to engage stakeholders and can be set up and run as part of the following events:


exhibitions, roadshows, tradeshows and in-house events. 

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Bespoke game design

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