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MOBILE Escape Room

Mobile Escape Room

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The ultimate in immersive team building. Everything you would expect from a traditional escape room brought right to your doorstep. This mobile escape room is perfect for those who want all the thrills and challenges you would normally get from a brick and mortar location but without the stress of organising a company trip out. Ideal for mobile escape room team building

You are a team of urban explorers and you have caught wind of a hot new spot to take some cool photos and see some strange sights. The 1940’s hospital was abandoned many years ago but many of the wards have been left untouched. You decide to check it out. After a long evening of exploring, you decide to call it a day but things take a dark turn when your group suddenly falls unconscious. Waking up several hours later, you find yourselves locked in one of the wards of the hospital. You must escape before whoever did this returns to finish what they started.

Mobile Escape Room


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for more information on our mobile escape room get in touch with a member of our bookings team today to experience the mother of all team building activities.

Mobile Escape Game UK

Escape Game Events - Team Building - Mobile escape room UK

Mobile Escape Room UK

Escape Game Events, Team Building

Escape Game Events, Team Building

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