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Escape Room Events

2022 Is going to be the year we all get back to normal (or at least the new normal. Many of us have spent the past 2 years cooped up at home, whether on furlough or working from our own homes for the first time. But now with the ease of restrictions and offices and other workplaces are starting to bring their staff back together. With old staff returning and new team members coming into the office space for the first time, what better way to bring everyone back together than to host an Escape Room Event and bring your team closer together with some escape room team building.

Escape Room Events

Now you might be thinking “we’ve only just got back in the office, surely we shouldn’t be going out to an escape room team building activity”. And yes, that would be a safe assumption. So why not bring the Escape Room Event to you. With many mobile escape room options available you can bring all of the benefits of a traditional escape room team building activity right into your office.

Table top escape game events and outdoor escape games are ideal for larger groups, as they can easily be split up into many smaller teams and can compete against one another in real time puzzles, riddles and other challenges. These are great for developing healthy competition and create a great tense and exciting atmosphere with everyone competing to finish the fastest.

Mobile escape rooms are closer to traditional escape room team building exercises whether it be turning your bosses office or a conference room into an escape room. These are perfect for smaller offices or companies that can’t have all their staff playing at once. Schedule teams to play throughout the day and keep record of their times to find out the winners. You can split teams by department, friends or mix people who don’t interact often. These escape room team building challenges are much more intimate, with no other teams around to distract them, teams playing the game will be able to focus more on each other's personal strengths and skills. Who is the natural leader? Who’s the bossy or shy one of the group? These escape room team building games can really shed light on many of the different unique aspects of your individual workers and to see how well they gel as a team.


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