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Mobile Escape Rooms UK: The Low-down

Mobile Escape Rooms UK have noticeably become more accessible, particularly in the past 18 months. Is there really any surprise this trend has and continues to grow at an unprecedented rate? Not really. There’s no denying the uncapped potential of such provisions within the events industry. Throughout the UK mobile escape rooms can now be seen serving a whole host of markets, including; stag and hen, corporate hospitality, the festival industry and private hire.

Within the UK there are an abundance of fixed location escape rooms which have been the catalyst for the growth of the mobile escape room UK market. Much like their bricks and mortar mates, mobile escape rooms UK operate in the very same way, or at least that’s how they started out. Recent times have seen mobiles escape room UK moguls spin the concept on its head and come up with innovate ways to appeal to the masses, creating escape room style experiences, which can accommodate up 250 players simultaneously!!! There’s no denying this large-scale group facilitation, offers a fresh perspective on team building events for many UK companies.

Mobile Escape Room UK

Now, when searching Google for a “Mobile Escape Rooms UK” you might find yourself spoiled for choice, stumbling across options such as “Table Top Escape Game”, “Office Lock Down” “Hotel Room Homicide” and so on. Much of these escape room style activities follow the same premise of finding and solving clues, but instead of being fixed to a location, the staging of these escape room experiences takes full advantage of their natural surroundings; turning spare offices into dodgy ransacked spaces, staging murder scenes in five-star hotel rooms and simply putting boxes on to tables.

We ask the question: what is the fascination with mobile escape rooms UK, fixed location escape rooms and escape room style experiences? Well there’s a lot to be said here. Mobile escape rooms UK particularly have the opportunity to add the wow factor to any event, often housed in ominous looking units, their appearance alone is guaranteed to impress. Bricks and mortar escape rooms have placed themselves firmly at the top of the list for leisure activity of choice – making memories for families and friends alike in almost every city centre location throughout the UK, and why not, escape rooms are immersive, fun, exhilarating and because of that promote escapism (pardon the pun). As for escape room style experiences, well they cater for those who are “looking for something different”, those of us who don’t fit the status quo. Our fascination doesn’t stop there, household names such as Big Brother and BBC Radio One have not ignored this recent phenomenon both of which have used escape rooms to capture the attention of fans, most recently BBC Radio One created their very own Escape Room.

I’m sure no one will argue when we say escape rooms have sky-rocketed to success in the past five years, their presence continues to be seen in our mainstream lives on daily basis. As a result of this we are witnessing mobile escape rooms UK making their way on to the events circuit, providing entertainment to folks all over the country in the comfort of their own homes, offices and gardens. So, what next for mobile escape rooms UK? Who knows, but one thing is for sure, there’s no getting away from them!

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