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How will an Escape Room Team Building Activity make me feel?

How will an Escape Room Team Building Activity make me Feel?

Typically, event organisers will endeavour to keep the theme of the team building activity a secret, this means you may not experience any preconceived thoughts or feelings of what lies ahead. For some this may be great news, but for others, this can be problematic…. But rest assured, whether you’re prepared or not, the escape room game controller will put your mind at ease by explaining all aspects of the escape room team building activity in a detailed team briefing.

Once the briefing has been conducted, typically teams will be split into several smaller teams, this obviously depends of the type of escape room team building activity you choose but, in most cases, you can expect to compete in a head-to-head challenge. This too can be a little daunting and maybe even slightly embarrassing for some, BUT; that’s the precise reason escape room team building events are the perfect team building activity. The pressure cooker environment, forces teams to work together and work fast, communication is absolutely key for success, which means there’s no time for social awkwardness or trepidation.

So now it’s time to start the escape room team building activity and you’re managing a mixed bag of feelings, ranging from: fear, excitement, adrenaline, uncertainty, pride, determination and so the list goes on. But one feeling which is guaranteed is this; satisfaction, satisfaction that in that very moment you are at work, participating in an escape room team building activity and you’re getting paid for the pleasure (or not!). So, moving on from your established win, possibly your only win of the day, what can you expect to feel moving forward in the escape game team building activity? Well, if you and your team are any good at solving puzzles and clues you could expect to be celebrating within the first ten minutes of game play: like any achievement you’ll experience a rush of adrenaline, a natural high as it were, and this will spur you on to move forward in the game. You can also be assured that the game controller will heavily encourage successful teams to celebrate their achievements with a roaring cheers and exaggerated applause with the aim of making less successful teams feel useless and inadequate. Because my friends, that’s called TEAM WORK!!!

You’re now reaching the half way point of the escape game team building activity and you’ve hit a brick wall. Most of your team have given up and phrases such as “what’s the point”, “I can’t be arsed”, “Johns team have cheated” and “what time is the bar open” are being projected around the room/table. But this is when you have to dig deep and fight back. At this stage it’s almost certain that all of the other teams are feeling exactly the same way (apart from johns’ team of course). This is the stage of the game when determination and team work are key. Find that second wind and fight, fight, fight for those bragging rights.

Finally, the hellish torture is over, you’ve escaped, cracked the safe, found the missing item, whatever the aim of the game you’ve done it and its over! So now you’re left feeling accomplished and relieved and hating johns’ team, who obviously cheated because John organised the event because John loves escape rooms. On the plus side you’ve got to know your colleagues a little better, solved a few problems and deciphered the odd puzzle or two, all whilst keeping your cool in a pressure cooker environment. But if all these feelings don’t convince you an escape room team building activity is for you then let us not forget one thing… You’re getting paid to do it!!!

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