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A Team building escape room that comes to you.

office lockdown, mobile escape room

Get the gang together for some great team building escape room fun. Do away with the normal boring draw your feelings, make a tower out of rubbish team building challenges and do something that not only pushes your team to the limit but really gives them something to bond over.

Team building escape rooms have been a growing trend for several years now and it's no wonder why. What better way to get your team to focus on a task that tests their cognitive, reasoning, creative and communication skills better than locking them into a room for up to an hour and forcing them to solve puzzles in order to escape. And better yet you don’t even have to leave your place of work.

A mobile team building escape room takes all the best bits of an escape room team building challenge and removes all the stress. Bringing the team building escape room to your place of work and converting an unused office, meeting room or break out space and turning it into you own personal team building escape room. Whether it’s just for one game for one team, or if you need multiple games happening at once there are plenty of options for you to choose from. From pop-up escape rooms that can be inflated in a car park, table top games for dozens of teams to play head to head at the same time, or perhaps you have a hotel booked for a corporate retreat, why not set up your very own hotel homicide mobile team building escape room.

So why do he ordinary boring stuff when you can have your very own mobile escape room for you next team building event.

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