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When is the best time to plan your team building escape room?

When is the best time to plan your team building escape room?

When planning ahead for your next team building event, you may want to consider when it is that you want to have it. Is there an ideal time of year, day of the week, time of day that you could be aiming for to make better use of the time you have for your next team building escape room challenge?

Lets starts small and work our way up.

Time of Day

Consider this. You have just got to work, still a bit groggy from your night of slumber. When suddenly your boss throws you into a mobile escape room team building challenge without warning. You're not prepared, not ready for your brain to working quite so hard. And your teammates are equally as lost and as useless. Not a great idea. Likewise don’t leave it too late in the day either,

although you might see it as a reward or treat to have something fun to wrap the day up with, you run the risk of fellow employees being tired or too eager to get home, leading them to being frustrated at being made to stay longer or trying to rush through the team building escape room challenge.

Our recommendation:

Plan your activity for just before or just after lunch. This give ample time to participants to be warmed up for the day and still fully engaged with what’s ahead of them.

Day of the week

Sunday Monday happy days. Tuesday Wednesday Happy days. The day of the week can have a great impact on whether or not your team building escape room is a smash hit or a frustrating flop. So consider carefully the following.

Saturday/Sunday – Almost always a bad call. Unless your business usually has employees working weekends as part of their regular routine nobody is going to be pleased to hear they need to come in on the weekend for team building. Avoid at all costs. (with the exception, of course, of an offsite corporate retreat, conference or similar situation where a team building event would be appropriate/expected).

Monday – With the weekend over, let the work week begin. The start of the work week functions very much the same as the start of the day. Most people need to warm up first, get the week started safe in the comfort of their normal routine. If you’re goal is to get people hyped for the week ahead Monday could work in your favour, just don’t do it 1st thing Monday morning, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Tuesday – Warmed up for the week ahead but with the coming weekend still so far away, Tuesday could be a great option for your team building escape room challenge. Motivation is lacking, and an energetic team building activity might be just the thing to help out

Wednesday – The weekend is getting close but still not quite here. Energy levels may be dropping. Spice things up with a team building activity. People don’t generally make Wednesday night their “going out” night, so this would be a rare good option for a evening event.

Thursday – What can be said about Thursday, it’s not quite as good as Friday, but better than Wednesday. I guess. Why not give it a go. It’s anybody's game.

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Friday – A daytime activity is great, since it will give the feeling of a long weekend. Nighttime, however, is tough. People have been looking forward to Friday, and unless you’re culminating a long week with a fun activity designed to reward a job well done, planning an employee team building event on a Friday night will likely be greeted with resentment.

Now let’s look at the bigger picture.

In terms of what time of year what could work best?

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In the summer spirits are usually high, you could take advantage of this as willingness to participate will result in a higher body count. Consider your activity wisely though, an outdoor escape room or treasure hunt would work better as people will want to be out enjoying the (fingers crossed) good weather. The last thing people want is to be trapped in a hot room on a scorching hot day. But choose your day wisely as folks may have other plans, it’s peak wedding and festival season So try avoiding the bank holidays or you may find fewer than expected people attending. But with that being said, a strategic escape room team building activity on a bank holiday Friday could be a great use of what would normally be considered an unofficial office doss day.

On the opposite side of the scale Winter can be a bummer for lots of folks. It’s dark when you set off for work, and dark when you set off home. Injecting some fun and excitement into the work day could bring folks out of a S.A.D slump. Try to avoid the freezing cold outdoor games though, or you might find yourself at the receiving end of a well aimed snowball.

With all being said there is no account for how people will respond to anything, each workplace is as different as the people that work there. Take the above advice with a grain of salt as your mileage may vary when it comes to planning your next team building escape room activity.

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