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Can your Team Benefit from Team Building Escape Rooms?

Can your Team Benefit from Team Building Escape Rooms?

Team building exercises and activities are essential, if not critical for the function and accomplishment of any teams, across all industries. If you are unsure about what an escape room is precisely, to put it simply it’s an immersive activity where all team members (players) will be locked in a room. The team has to role-play, and work collaboratively to solve various games and puzzles to be released, or if the set time is reached. Escape rooms are quickly becoming one of the most popular methods when it comes to team building across all companies. It has to be said the reason for this surge in popularity is because it is a fun, effective, an innovative way to improve the working relationship of your team.

Yes, it is an inevitability that some of your team members may not like the idea of being locked, well trapped in a room for an hour. However, once the escape game event starts, we are confident that any fears or work-related politics will soon be forgotten. Instead, the focus will shift, and by working collaboratively. A team building escape room is the ideal a way for your team to build those broken bridges, improve the overall working relationship of your team, and boost morale. Oh and by having the fun of course! If you’re still unsure about booking an escape room team building activity, or the logistics of doing this activity during work hours, then we are sure the information below we help you make the right choice for your team.

Why should you try an escape room team building activity?

As we mentioned above, team building is an activity or session which most businesses use when they have noticed any gaps, such as a decrease in motivation or productivity or poor communication. Unlike most training sessions, team building doesn’t and shouldn’t have to be just another boring meeting. Which is arguably why many businesses are opting for escape rooms to improve the function and efficiency of their teams. Even if your team is fully functional, but you have a new project in the pipeline, then an escape room is a perfect method to generate enthusiasm, new ideas, and in the right mindset to achieve success. Now, let’s take a look at the key benefits.

The top three benefits

1. Boost Productivity

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Say goodbye to those dull, awkward ice-breakers in the boardroom, and hello to an exciting and fun alternative. If your team is having an enjoyable time parallel to using their problem-solving skills, it will result in an increase to the teams overall productivity. Escape rooms require collaboration from all players, so each member has their own time to shine and demonstrate the skills that may have been overlooked in the past. As the morale will be more positive, you and your team will leave the escape room feeling more motivated and productive.

2. Communication

If you want to escape, then your team needs to communicate. All of our escape room options will spark professional, productive and useful conversation. Effective communication will be the key to solving these puzzles and games while having active and beneficial problem-solving discussions. Any workplace conflicts are soon forgotten, as each team member has one common and goal, to escape! These new skills can then be implemented back at the office.

3. Creative, outside the box thinking

Every team has those repetitive and tedious work days, and team building in the office isn’t always that beneficial. It still has the corporate ideals and feelings, whereas an escape room encourages creative, outside the box thinking because your team members are in surreal surroundings and situations. You gain the same team building goals, if not better because it is a fun, an exciting activity that encourages and demands critical and creative thinking when solving the puzzles needed to escape.

tabletop escape room, mobile escape room

The Bottom Line

Many managers and leaders in companies sometimes feel that their team is lacking due to the monotonous, repetitive work routine, so they think getting behind the office desk is the answer. Rather than deal with the issues in the team, they have a quick team building session, and most of the time this will not help improve the bond or identify any of the lacking key skills. Additionally, another common misconception is that an escape room activity is not feasible due to location and time constraints.

However, here at Escape Game Events, we have the ideal solution for all teams, across all industries. If you can’t organise a work trip, don’t worry we can come to you, as we offer both mobile escape rooms and pop up escape rooms. So, now we’ve dealt with the location issue, identified the top benefits, is it time for you to book your team escape room activity today? Still, need more convincing, then please speak to a member of a team where we can talk you through the bespoke options.

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