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Office Escapes

Office Escapes are rapidly becoming one of the most popular escape room team building experiences in the UK. Here at Escape Game Events we offer a variety of different office escapes, from table top games to fully immersive experiences, that will put your teams to the test. Do you have a venue? are you looking for the full office escape room team building experience, our Office Lock Down activity could be just what you’re looking for. By commandeering your offices breakout space, conference room or unused meeting rooms we will transform your workplace or venue into a genuine escape room experience.

One night you and your team work working late, trying to get a head start on the Johnson account. As the clock strikes midnight you realise it’s probably time to call it a day. As you prepare to leave something strange happens as you suddenly find yourselves waking up hours later in your now ransacked office. Files and documents litter the ground, the phones aren’t working and the computers completely destroyed. And worse still, the doors have been locked. Something strange is happening and you need to get out and get help before the nightmare begins.

Office Escapes are fantastic for targeting all your key business development objectives. During the course of any of our uniquely designed games your participants will develop skills in team work, communication, problem solving and critical thinking whilst having an amazing time throughout.

For more information on how we can help you incorporate an Office Escape into your next team away day, get in touch with one of our office escape room team building experts today.

0330 133 1479

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