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Office Lockdown - Escape Room Team Building

Planning your next team building event and want to have the co-workers play an escape room? But getting everyone there requires a full day out of the office? Well, Office Lockdown brings the escape room team building event to your place of work. Turn your meeting room or break out space into a genuine escape room. Complete with locks, puzzles, riddles, probs and everything else you would associate with a traditional escape room, teams have to break out of ‘their’ hijacked office all whilst not having to leave the phones unattended for to long.

Office Lockdown, Escape room team building

Games can be tailored to fit any length of time and we have the equipment to run 5 consecutive games at a time, providing you have the space to fit them. So that’s up to 50 people at once. You could have the whole office done in an hour, or you could just have one game and have teams scheduled in throughout the day. The choice is yours for your next escape room team building day.

We visited’s offices to host office lockdown and it went down a treat. There team of 7 smashed the office lockdown escape room team building challenge and then went onto beat our table top game right after.

If you think our Office Lockdown escape game would be perfect for your next escape room team building event, see the details below.


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