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Escape Room Team Building? The new big thing in Corporate Team Building

Have you grown tired of the same old team building activities? The Laser Pigeon shooting, Archery, building towers out of rolled up newspaper. Escape Room Team Building is the next big thing in corporate team building. Why you ask? Let’s explore the many reasons why escape room team building will work for you.

mobile escape room

1) The Fun Comes to You

So what’s a mobile escape room? Well, a mobile escape room is exactly that. Just like a traditional brick and mortar escape room, the only difference being its unique ability to be hosted practically anywhere. Whether you are confined to your place of work or need to bring an activity to a fancy hotel or manor lodge. We have a wide variety of team building activities to suit your location. From our table top games to our inflatable mobile escape room. Take the stress out of organising your activity and let the fun come to you.

2) Creative thinking Problem solving skills

Get your team to think out of the box and out of the mindset of simply going along with the ‘That’s the way it’s always been done’ attitude. By placing them into an unfamiliar setting where the old ways of doing things just won't cut it. They’ll be encouraged to explore new thought processes and ideas. They will literally have to think outside the box, to get outside ‘the box’.

3) Communication Skills

Communication is essential to making your place of employment a well oiled machine. If everybody isn’t on the same page, key things can easily go misunderstood or missed completely. In an escape room team building activity it’s essential for teams to listen carefully and communicate their thoughts and ideas clearly. Often a leader is nominated who voices every bodies individual ideas to the rest of the group. If care isn’t taken to listen to one another they may find themselves trapped in...for good!!!

4) Confidence Building

We all know of members of our team that are bold loud and brash, these are the folks that usually find themselves in a false leadership position. But what can happen when the more outward speaking team members take charge? The introverted team members can find themselves feeling left out or overlooked. When it’s quite possible they are the one that had the right answer and it’s gone unheard. Not being listened to or spoken over can cause a lack in confidence. Something that all to often happens in the office. Before starting the game, allocate one of these people to be the team leader. Or encourage those who are more confident to ask the more reserved team members their thoughts and opinions and to make sure everyone is listening. One correct answer can easily bring someone out of their shell. And as a result lead to greater comradery and team spirit.

5) Working Under Pressure

We all can start to feel the pressure at times, regardless of the type of work we do. Heavy workloads can be overwhelming but when handled correctly and effectively, it’s possible to get more bang for your buck from your team. By removing them from their normal environment and placing them in an external setting, then applying artificial pressure under the guise of fun and excitement, can better prepare your team to handle the rapid pace of business. Leading to more efficient and profitable decisions being made in a timely manner.

These are the many ways that escape room team building is the ideal solution to get your team working at that next level.

Get in touch with one of our escape experts today for more information on how we can tailor the experience to fit your event.

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