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Group Interview Activity Hire

Looking for a interesting group interview activity?

If you’re considering conducting a group interview for your next recruitment push, you might be thinking about the different ways to showcase your company values or to make potential candidates stand out above the rest.

But as with any interview style there are distinct advantages and drawbacks to conducting group interview activities. So it’s important to know what to expect from conducting group interview activities.

First we have to consider why you might choose to conduct a group interview as opposed to the more traditional 1-on-1 style.

The main reasons you should consider conducting a group interview activity would be when you are:

  • Hiring multiple people for the same position (e.g. salespeople).

  • Want to screen a large number of similarly skilled applicants (e.g. recent graduates).

  • Aiming to fill a role within a specific time frame (e.g. seasonal hiring).

  • Are hiring for a position where, communication, teamwork and working under pressure are the important requirements for the role (e.g. customer service).

So what type of group interview activities are there to choose from?

Different types of group interview games or activities can bring out different desired aspects from candidates depending on the task at hand. There are role playing activities, problems solving games, teamwork focused tasks. All different and all good at showing different skill sets.

So what do we suggest?

Well, with the rising popularity of escape rooms, we here at Escape Game Events have had lots of interest from companies recruiting new staff to test their potential recruits.

A mobile escape room activity has a great mix of role playing, teamwork, communication and problem solving challenges to assess hopeful recruits. By having the ability to challenge multiple teams in group sizes up to 10 people a mobile escape room challenge can help identify key qualities in applicants. Strong leaders can soon stand out when delegating tasks and making sure ideas are listened to and executed efficiently. Creative thinkers have the opportunity to strut their stuff and come up with inventive ways to solve problems. And team players can feel right at home, bouncing of the energy and ideas of others, generally making a more cohesive team.

And perhaps just as importantly group interview activities can identify problem candidates. Those who are rude and constantly interrupt and talk over others. Aggressive candidates who disrespect others’ opinions and disengaged or unprepared candidates who check their phones or yawn through lack of sleep.

But there are certain things to keep in mind when conducting a group interview that can easily go unnoticed.

Talented introverted candidates can easily be overshadowed by more outspoken but less skilled ones. Potential good team players can may feel uncomfortable working together with strangers, especially when those strangers are also competitors. And in general it can be hard to build rapport with individuals when they are just one in a group of many. So make sure to look out for those who that show promise but may be nervous or put off.

But there are other benefits as well. Those same introverts may be just as nervous or put off by the traditional 1-on-1 interview and feel much more at home with a group interview game that makes a more informal and relaxed atmosphere. At the end of the day it’s whether or not a group interview activity is correct for the roles you are recruiting for. Sales sales assistant staff? Perfect. The new account manager for a law firm?Maybe not so much. Food for thought? Meanwhile you can find out more about the different activities we can offer you and your clients here.

get in touch with one of our escape experts today.



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