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Unusual Team Building Activities

If you’re tired of the same old trust falls, draw your feelings, build a bridge out of newspaper and straws activities. We’ve got some great unusual team building activities for you to have a think about for your next unusual team building day.

Sumo Wrestling

The first unusual team building activity on our list is shrouded in mystery and eastern tradition. SUMO!!! Hire out a ring and don your inflatable/padded sumo suit and mawashi (belt) and get down to business. This can be a fun way for folks to vent their frustrations and simply get a nice bit of competition going. Either way it’s fantastically funny for those watching.

Blindfolded Food Tasting

Chew this one over why don’t you, (pun intended). What’s the single greatest thing in the world? Food, right? Why not bring your team together and put your tastebuds to the test in a blind food tasting challenge. Face the unknown by putting on a blindfold and get reluctantly fed food or drinks by your co workers and try to guess what it is they’re feeding you. Keep it as easy or creative as you like or perhaps prank those that need taking down a notch (wink wink nudge nudge). You can make things more competitive by selecting just one particular food type and have the ‘eaters’ guess which brand or location the food came from. For example, order in 5 pizzas from different establishments and have them guess which ones are from where, the person or team who guesses the most correctly, wins! The prize could even be that they can finish off the rest of the food.

Chariot Racing

One of the more unusual team building ideas on the list, chariot racing will definitely bring the team together in an unexpected way. Challenge the Teams to create and decorate their own racing chariots, this could simply be a plastic storage box lid with Some rope stuck to it for reigns, or perhaps a modified desk chair. Substitute real horses for your co workers and you’re off! The ‘horses’ pull their chariot riders around obstacle courses, or a straight up drag race. To make it more interesting, make sure there is a prize for the winner. And a bottle of water and some hay for the ‘horses’.

If you’ve ever seen the Crystal Maze, Fort Boyard, Jungle Run, Escape The Hounds then you are most of the way there. Typically in these shows a small team of people take it in turns to complete puzzle challenges in several different themed rooms or locations. All in order to accumulate time in a final challenge to ultimately win a prize. And although great fun to watch there is one fundamental drawback. Most of the challenges are only designed for one person to participate in at once. Whereas a traditional escape room fills that gap. Teams of between 2-10 people work together in larger more complex rooms that require teamwork and communication to find keys, open locks, solve puzzles and riddles in order to escape the room in a given time frame. So what’s a mobile escape room? Well, a mobile escape room is exactly that. Just like a traditional brick and mortar escape room, the only significant difference is its unique ability to be erected practically anywhere.

If you are looking for an unusual team building activity to entertain the troops and deliver your key business development objectives, then check out our activities at Escape Game Events. We have a variety of unusual team building activities that are all based around the mobile escape room concept, get in touch with one of our escape experts today.



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