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Why Escape Rooms are perfect for group activities!

Whether you’re searching for a fun birthday activity or your next team building event. Escape rooms are the next big thing in group activities. Grab a group of mates or co-workers and throw them into a locked room for 45 minutes to an hour and watch chaos unfold!!! We kid.

Teams work together against the clock to generate ideas, solve puzzles and crack the code in order to break out a themed room. Be it an ancient Aztec tomb, a mad scientist's lab or a 1920’s loony bin there are thrills to be had for all.

These team building activities encourage communication, improve problem solving skills, build camaraderie, encourage multitasking and teamwork. Your team will leave closer and more succinct than they’ve ever been before. Perhaps even new friendships or healthy rivalries will be born.

On the downside, traditionally you will have to travel to a brick and mortar location to experience one of these fantastic group activities. So when you’re trying to organise your group of 40 (or more) people the logistics of the whole thing can be a real pain. Who’s driving? Will everyone arrive on time? Will old man Phil get lost and confused before even getting into the room. All these things can add an unwanted layer of stress to your group activities.

So why not take all the stress out of the equation and have the group activities come to you. With mobile escape rooms you get all the benefits of an intense team building activity combined with the fun of the Crystal Maze. And all delivered right to your doorstep or place of work.

Escape Game Events are the UK’s leading mobile escape event, taking the traditional static escape event, uprooting it from it’s concrete foundations and bringing it directly to you. Set up time can be as little as 1 hour and the room can be tailor made to fit your needs. All you need is a large flat surface with plenty of head room to fit our inflatable structure and a power outlet, simple. Do you need a lot of people to play the game in a short amount of time? No problem, the amount of puzzles and difficulty of the game can be adjusted to fit any time scale. Ten teams of ten playing a ten minute game? No issues there. Or perhaps you want a bigger challenge, cut the group size down and increase the difficulty and give them an hour to best the room.

Maybe you need more group activities throughout the day? We’ve got you covered. From our city centre treasure hunt style game to our table top escape experience there is a large range of group activities to choose from.

So don’t make your next team building day or company party more stressful than it needs to be and have group activities come to you.

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