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Team Building - Characteristics Of A Good Team

There are hundreds of key points that determine the characteristics of a good team, obviously it is not possible to create the perfect team but team building activities can really help you along the way to success. If you are planning on booking a team building event or have recently taken part in team building activities, take a look at the following check list to see if your organisation holds some of the key characteristics of a good team

  1. A clear and elevating goal that is communicated to every member of the team.

  2. A results driven structure that the whole team has contributed to, ensuring full commitment by the entire team.

  3. A fully trained team that has the ability to deliver the goals using the correct skills.

  4. A solid/ tight team as “there is no I in team”.

  5. A team the fights to be the best in everything they do.

  6. Full external support and appraisals that keep the team moral at the highest possible level.

  7. Top class leadership to motivate the team.

  8. Effective communication that includes every team member to avoid exclusion.

  9. Listening to individual ideas to solve a group problem, each member is important.

  10. Every body pitches in and nobody passes the buck,

  11. Trust between team members.

  12. There is ample communication between the team members.

  13. Realistic project time lines are in place to reduce unnecessary pressure.

Team building activities can pin point individual characteristics to improve the finer details of your teams performance. Talk to the organiser of your next team building event to ensure you get the most out of your package. A good team building activity provider will understand what you are trying to achieve and know exactly the activity to pinpoint those business development objectives.



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