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Understanding Your Team Type - Team Building

With in every organisation is the need for team work, this team work is strengthened by team building. With a variety of team building activities which one should you choose? Although the main aspect of any team building event should be fun, obviously a more beneficial out come would be to see your team develop. To achieve this it is really important to understand the type of team you have. Here are a list of team types that will help you to better understand the type of team building activity that will suit your needs.

- Permanent teams:

These teams perform on a permanent basis and are not dissolved once the task is accomplished. Let us understand the concept with an example.

- Temporary teams:

Unlike permanent teams, temporary teams loose their importance, once the task is accomplished. Such teams are usually formed for a shorter duration either to assist the permanent team or work when the members of the permanent team are busy in some other project.

- Task Force:

Such teams are formed for a special purpose of working on any specific project or finding a solution to a very critical problem.

- Committee:

Committees are generally formed to work on a particular assignment either permanently or on a temporary basis. Individuals with common interests, more or less from the same background, attitude come together on a common platform to form a committee and work on any matter.

- Organization/Work Force:

Such groups are formed in organizations where team members work together under the expert guidance of leader. A leader or a supervisor is generally appointed among the members itself and he along with his team works hard to achieve a common goal. The leader all through must stand by his team and extract the best out of each team member. He must not underestimate any of his team members and take his team along to avoid conflicts.

- Self Managed Teams:

Self Managed Teams consist of individuals who work together again for a common purpose but without the supervision of any leader. Here as the name suggests every individual is accountable for his individual performance. The team members of self managed teams must respect each other and should never loose focus on their target. No leader is appointed and the team members have to take their own responsibility. Individuals take the initiative on their own and are their own guides and mentors.

- Virtual Teams:

Virtual teams consist of individuals who are separated by distances and connected through computer. Here individuals communicate with each other online through internet.

Planning team building events can be tricky and faces many challenges,for example, if you’re a virtual team, getting everybody in one place to take part in a team building activity is almost impossible.Despite this, the time and effort it takes to organise a team building event, does not compare to the reward and organisational benefits you will receive.



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