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Mobile Escape Room Cocktail Events

The Uk’s first and only mobile escape room cocktail challenge. We have combined two of the team building classics to create one hell of a memorable experience. The premise is simple, solve a series of puzzles and clues, decipher recipes, unlock the key cocktail ingredients (the booze) and enjoy some tasty cocktail treats.

Taking on the role of world leading scientists that have been tasked with researching and developing the world of mixology. after weeks of hard work and dedication you are getting close to producing the perfect cocktail concoction that will revolutionise the weekends for the entire world. it's 11 o'clock on Friday night and you have one hour to complete the recipes and launch them before the weekend begins.

Split into groups, you will battle it out to earn each team member two delicious cocktails. In order to get your hands on the prize (the alcohol) you and your team must work through a series of logical puzzles and clues that will reveal how each cocktail is made and the correct ingredients required. Quite simply, you need to drink whilst you think!

For more information on our escape room cocktail experience feel free to get in contact with a member of our team today!

0330 133 1479

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