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Five Reasons Why Your Company Should Try Escape Room Team Building Activities

Five Reasons Why Your Company Should Try Escape Room Team Building Activities

“We need a team building session,” a sentence that many managers dread, as they may feel it is actually going to hinder productivity. Yet, team building is common practices for the majority if not all companies, as well as sports teams. Thinking about the phrase “team building,” what does it really mean? Essentially, it the way in which you boost the morale of your team, increase productivity and bond as a team. Now, we ask you, how many team building activities you have participated in have you left feeling like you have achieved togetherness in your team?

Well, we’re going to hazard a guess – not very many! Employee satisfaction is key to production, and so is collaboration, which is why a quick or even a lengthy team building activity may not gain the expected results. Looking and considering alternative activities like a team building escape room will ensure positive gains, and value for money in the long run. So, for this reason, we are going to explain five reasons why you should consider our escape room team building activities to improve the overall success of your team.

Reason One - Cost Effective

Several managers often use outsourced workshop services for team building, and most are costly and yield mediocre results. So, yes we understand your reluctance when it comes to the cost of any team building activity, primarily when other paid services didn’t really work out. However, we are confident that we can provide you and your team with your desired goals while having fun. Additionally, our escape rooms are tailored for your specific business and industry. We have various price plan options available, which are affordable options and cheaper when compared to the price of most team building workshops.

Reason Two – Foster problem-solving and critical thinking skills

Lack or poor communication in a team is the reason for a weak team or workplace conflicts. When a team needs to work together to solve a common issue, so useful communication is always required. This is where escape rooms come in, all team members (players) are required to work cooperatively to discover a tangible solution to the problems posed in the puzzles. Your team members will improve and expand on how they communicate, and these new found skills can be transferred and utilised in the workplace. Ultimately escape rooms demand creative, critical thinking to discover strategies when finding the escape route.

mobile escape room, portable escape room

Reason Three – One Common Goal

Competition is bound to happen within a team, and at times team building workshops can spark tense and competitive attitudes. Sometimes, certain team members will dominate the session, which makes the purpose of the activity redundant. Yes, competition is healthy it can spur individuals to improve their own skills, but if they are continuously overshadowed it may make them feel undervalued and less likely to contribute. However, this does not happen in an escape room, instead unfriendly, tense competition is avoided as all participants need to equally contribute towards achieving the goal – to escape. Although an escape room is a competitive activity, it can help push the larger egos and drive the team to excel together. There is one common goal, and without teamwork, it will not be achieved.

Reason Four – Increase the Energy

The general grind of the workplace can have an adverse effect on the whole team or certain members. Even if it just one member begins to lack or gets stuck in a rut it has an impact on the success of the team. Which is why Escape Rooms are perfect. They require energy, full involvement, and they’re fun. Additionally, your team members can escape from the workplace setting, which will help in injecting that much-needed energy back in the team. It is a relaxed, immersive environment.

table top escape room, mobile escape room

Reason Five – Fun

As mentioned above boring, and dull workshops don’t always achieve the desired results when it comes to team building. Escape rooms can be the way to inspire your employees and allow your team to just let go and have fun, while still critically thinking. It’s often a challenge to maintain engagement if team building is the same continuous activities. Our escape rooms, for example, have a range of themes and puzzles, so a different experience is always guaranteed.

The Bottom Line

Before you decide to hire your standard team building workshop, consider how effective it really was, and is there a better way? We think so, and that’s a team building escape room. So, why not let Escape Game Events help you identify those invaluable key skills, and reap the full potential of an effective team building event.

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