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Escape With Your Team This Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, Halloween has been and gone, and now it’s time to plan your Christmas Party. Many companies start thinking about ideas for the annual Christmas party earlier in the year, but generally, it soon gets pushed to the back of the to-do list until we hear ‘All I want for Christmas’ on the radio. Have you decided what your team is going to do to celebrate your hard work this year? Or, are you completely unprepared? Either way, it’s not too late, and there are far better alternatives still available rather than the standard, monotonous Christmas Party or meal.

Did you know that not all employees look forward to the annual shin-dig? Reward Gateway conducted a survey in 2015 about this and discovered that 50% of employees feel anxious and dread attending their companies Christmas Party. More often than not some employers either give it a miss or slip out early. Yet, your annual company Christmas party is the perfect opportunity to motivate and increase engagement within your team. So, maybe look at an alternative activity and event to really impress your team members this year, like planning an escape room event instead? If you’re still unsure, we have listed three reasons why you should escape with your team this Christmas.

1. An Inclusive Christmas Party

Choosing an escape room as your festive activity shows your colleagues that you have gone above and beyond to plan a different and exciting event. You will be the talk of the office because you have taken the time to think outside the box, or should we say the room. We are sure it’ll be a Christmas party that you and your co-workers will never forget. Particularly for those who dread the annual drunken antics, instead, they will be grateful you have arranged something inclusive and completely different. Who knows you could build and repair any broken relationships in your team, and continue your Christmas party with a few drinks… if you can escape.

2. Teamwork, Teamwork, Teamwork!

Small talk at your office party can sometimes be awkward, and when drinks are involved, it can often turn embarrassing – for most of us. Instead, cut the small talk and engage in productive, cooperative, problem-solving conversations as you try to solve the intricate puzzles and thrilling riddles. The aim is to escape so you won’t have time to focus on dramas or small talk. It is also a great way to let the quieter team members get involved and showcase their skills, which can be implemented in the office. You can all create a mutual bond, as you invest and contribute to the activities. The rapport built during the escape room events will help you tackle the New Year as stronger, collaborative team.

3. Simply escape!

Christmas for many businesses is the season where we are busy and stressed. Your team needs to ensure you have achieved the end of year targets, as well as preparing for the New Year. We understand it’s stressful, so the last thing you want is to organise an event where you have to do everything (like a restaurant, where people have intolerances, preferences, etc.). Well, why don’t you let us help you with the nightmare of planning an exciting and useful Christmas Party? We take care of everything, and if you’re worried about everything getting to our venue, then please don’t! At Escape Game Events we offer a fantastic Mobile Escape Room so you can escape in your office if you wanted too! We’ll take care of the planning, you and your team just need to simply escape.

Mix Things up with an Adventurous Christmas Party

An escape room activity is far better than the generic, standard Christmas activities, and all of your team members are likely to attend. Some people love Christmas, others not so much, so an escape room is a far better way to get everyone involved and spark that festive feeling. All of our escape games events will bring out your inner child, and ignite your Christmas Spirit. You and your team will work effectively and cooperatively for 60 minutes. We are confident you will all have an amazing time, and it is the perfect time to leave your work drama and stress behind. Have a genuine Christmas miracle in one of our escape rooms.

Assemble your Team and Book Now

Escape Game Events will create and organise the perfect escape setting for you and your team. The question is can your team escape before Christmas Day? Book now to find out, add a twist to your office festivities this year. Want to learn more? Speak to us today about our Mobile Escape Rooms and Escape Room team building activities.

0300 133 1479

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