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Pop Up Escape Room, what are they and why they’re great!

You might be asking yourself "what is a pop up escape room , escape the room game, escape event, escape game, breakout room?"

If you’ve seen shows like Jungle Run, The Crystal Maze, Fort Boyard, Escape The Hounds then you mostly already know what we’re talking about. Usually in these shows a small team of people take it in turns to complete puzzle challenges in different themed rooms or locations. All in order to accumulate time in a final challenge to ultimately win a prize. But there is one big drawback. Most of the challenges are only designed for one person to participate in at a time. Whereas a traditional escape room fills that gap. Teams of between 2-10 people work together in larger more complex rooms that require teamwork and communication to find keys, open locks, solve puzzles and riddles in order to escape the room in a given time frame.

pop up escape room

So what is a pop up escape room? Well, a pop up escape room is exactly that. Just like a traditional brick and mortar escape room, the only difference is its ability to be taken mostly anywhere. As a relatively new concept, the arrival of the pop up escape room to the UK was slow compared to other countries. In the US it’s not unusual to stumble across a renovated van or truck parked in an obscure location. Offering players the opportunity to immerse themselves into the exciting world of the escape room on the side of the highway or in a car park.

You could claim the pop up escape room has evolved from the need to serve a certain group, those less able to reach brick and mortar locations, for the purpose of events where it’s not possible to have teams of people leaving the site. Or large groups that may struggle to get transport or a time of day where everyone can go together. A pop up escape room can solve all these problems by bringing the team building activities and entertainment to you. Pop-up escape rooms can have the advantage of being able to fit larger teams in at once with more complex puzzles and props as opposed to their renovated van counterparts. A larger inflatable room is ideal for the pop up escape room market, as they look cool and professional, have strong surface walls that can have props and puzzles attached to them and can be erected in a matter of minutes. As long as there is a flat surface with plenty of head room and a power outlet you're good to go.

So whether you're planning a birthday or fancy some unusual team building to build comradery, communication, or improve creative thinking. A pop up escape room could be the ideal team building activity for you.

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