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Table Top Escape Game - Escape Room Team Building

If you have ever had to organise a staff outing for a large workforce you know exactly how troublesome it can be to organise. How will everyone get there? Will they all turn up? Do we need to organise accommodation, food? Why not take the stress out of your next team building day and have the activity come to you. Our table top escape room is the ideal candidate to get your workforce thinking on another level. So why should you choose it for your escape room team building event?

The table top escape room team building challenge take all the best bits of a normal escape room challenge and condenses it down into a small form factor. A flight case to be precise. It’s small, portable form factor means that we can bring it to any location, regardless of access, stairs, room size etc. Each case can have up to 10 players trying to complete it and we have 25 of them available, so that’s up to 250! people playing at the same time!!! Perfect for large conferences, baguettes and the like. Just like a normal escape room the teams will have to solve a series of puzzles and challenges to break into the flight case and solve puzzles within. The twist is, rather than trying to break out of som

ething, they will be racing to break into something. As in this scenario, each team is not your average desk jockey, they are in fact a team of highly trained bank robbers, racing against other teams to break into a ‘bank’ for that perfect score.

Chelsea FC - Table top escape game

A few weeks ago we took the table top escape room team building challenge to Chelsea football ground for a venue location agencies conference. We had 8 teams of 10 people all playing at the same time racing against each other. It build up some great tension each time a team went to try and crack the safe, everyone else would stop and watch in silence and then cheers when the attempting team failed.

If you think our table top escape game would be perfect for your next escape room team building event, see the details below.


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