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Mobile Escape Room - Escape Room Team Building

If you’re looking for the ultimate in mobile escape room team building activities the inflatable mobile escape room is perfect for your escape room team building event.

Our huge 7m x 7m inflatable structure can be erected in nearly any company car park, sports field, hotel grounds. We’ve even had it in arenas and airfield hangars. The blacked out structure allows in no natural light during play, allowing us to completely set the mood of your game. With plenty of space on the inside to allow us to set up a truly authentic and immersive escape room team building experience, with no cut corners, you can expect to find all the same qualities you would get from a traditional brick and mortar escape room. From full size furniture, tie down points, lighting, props, locks, clues and puzzles. It’s just like a normal escape room, except it comes to you.

mobile escape room

Games can be tailored to fit any length of time or any theme. 20 minutes to escape an abandoned hospital? SURE. 45 minutes in a serial killers basement, not a problem. Do you want to pre schedule out the day so your whole office can play, or perhaps a more casual roll up and play when you want. Whatever the format, the mobile escape room would be the talk of your next escape room team building event.

We recently took our mobile escape room to Motorpoint Burnley for their staff team building day.

The event took place over 2 days where they had scheduled slots throughout the day for mixed department teams to take part in a 45 minute challenge. The teams were eagerly competing to be the fasted team across the event in hopes of winning the grand prize. We never found out what this prize was, but they were all very keen to be the ones to win it. In the end we hosted 20 teams across the 2 days and had a total of 189 participants, with great fun had by all.

If you think our mobile escape room would be a great escape room team building event, see the details below.


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