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The benefits of Escape Room team building!

Is you team a little deflated, lacking motivation, uninspired? Perhaps struggling with moral or creative thinking. Are there members of your workforce that are submissive and lack self motivation or drive? Or are you just considering different team building activities to help boost them to the next level. These are the many reasons why escape room team building can revitalise and improve your workforce.

Creative thinking Problem solving skills:

If you are having trouble getting your team to think out of the box and they’re simply going along with the mentality of ‘That’s the way it’s always been done’. What better way to encourage new thought processes and ideas then to through them into an unfamiliar setting where the old ways of doing things just won't cut it. They will literally have to think outside the box, to get outside the box.

Communication Skills:

Communication is essential to making your place of employment a well oiled machine. If everybody isn’t on the same page, key things can easily go misunderstood or missed completely leading to loss of business. In an escape room team building activity teams are almost forced to listen carefully and speak their thoughts and ideas clearly. Often a leader is nominated who voices everybodies individual ideas to the rest of the group. If people aren’t careful to listen to one another they may find themselves locked in...forever!!!

Confidence Building:

But what happens when the more bold and outward speaking team members take charge leaving the quieter team members on the side lines. Perhaps they are the one that had the right answer and it’s gone missed. Not being heard or being made to feel like an important part of the team can lead to a lack in confidence. Something that all to often happens in the office. Before starting the game encourage those who are more confident to ask the more timid team members their thoughts and opinions and to make sure everyone is listening. One correct answer can easily bring someone out of their shell. And by proxy leading to greater comradery and team spirit.

Healthy Professional Rivalry:

A healthy rivalry between respecting colleagues is an important feature of work life. It helps develop a full growth of one’s capacities; supports ambition; and pushes us to do our best in competitive situations. But unhealthy rivalries can be damaging to a workplace, often when competing to reach individual target for praise and recognition, attitudes can shift from working together to working to actively make others look worse than you, especially when rewards are on the line. Needless to say this is not ideal.

Why not remind them that they are actually better off working together. By placing problem employees in an escape room together not only are the encouraged to work together to achieve a common goal but they are reminded that they are colleagues not enemies.

On the other hand perhaps your team aren’t challenging each other enough. By placing two teams against each other in a head to head fastest team wins scenario you can get a sudden burst of passion from workers who might have felt under challenged before.

Working Under Pressure:

Whether you have a consistent stream of business throughout the year or your work comes in seasonal waves, we all can start to feel the pressure at times. simply removing that pressure from the environment by hiring more staff or turning down work isn’t necessarily the most effect way to deal with rising stress though. Intense workloads can seem overwhelming but when handled properly and effectively you can easily get more bang for your buck from your employees. By placing them in an external environment and applying artificial pressure under the guise of fun and excitement can better prepare your team to handle the rapid pace of business. Leading to fast more efficient and profitable decisions being made.

These are the many ways that escape room team building is the ideal solution to get your team working at that next level.

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