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Team Building Activity Mishaps!

At Escape Game Events we travel the UK going from location to location delivering a range of team building events for a variety of clients. We supply a range of team building activities that motivate and develop teams that operate at many different levels. Our aim at every single team building event is to ensure that the team building activity is delivered to meet each organisations individual needs but most of all we aim to ensure that every single participant of our team building activities has a GREAT time. From time to time we get to see some epic fails, along side some epic successes. We have put together some of our favourite team building activity mishaps for you to enjoy;

The classic miss communication:

Communication is key with all of our team building events, fail to do so effectively and you will fail to succeed our team building activities. There is nothing more frustrating then hearing half the information, even though the complete message would have lead to success.

Not using a padlock properly:

The ability to listen in a team building activity will be the difference between winning and loosing. Not listening in the team building activity brief is the best way to ensure a loss. Having the correct code for a padlock but not being able to enter into the padlock correctly will cost your team the win, if only you had listen at the beginning.

Maths under pressure:

A common mistake at nearly all our team building events is participants ability to forget the simple KS3 maths. Adding up numbers incorrectly equals incorrect codes, meaning padlocks will remain locked.

Not searching high and low:

We are very sneaky when we set up our team building activities, we like to make the team building event tricky if we can. Always remember to search high and low for clues and puzzles, we are likely to hide them in the most unexpected of places.

At the heart of all our team building activities is fun, all of our highly trained instructors will keep you entertained throughout your team building event. Talk to a member of our booking team today to find out which of our team building activities will best suit your organisation and the business development objectives yo wish to achieve!

Check out our activities at;



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