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Team Building Scientific Facts!

Team building activities from a scientific point of view. Team building events benefit the mind body and soul. We have compiled a list of scientific team building facts that have been discovered about team building activities.

1. The most effective group size for a team building activity is between 5 and 9 participants.

2. ‘Great chemistry’ can make for a less effective team. With out great diversity within a team, they are likely to become predictable and get stuck in a rut.

3. Team building activities release a chemical in the brain called Oxytocin. This is the same chemical released in a sexual orgasm.

4. Some of the greatest teams do not have a leader. Equally talking and listening with in a team boosts moral, leadership can create resentment if not delivered effectively.

5. A small team will dominate a solo expert. There are a far smaller amount of Einsteins in the world we live in, they do exist but are extremely rare. The good old saying applies, two minds are better then one.

6. Conflict with in a team is not always negative.Opposite opinions will create different approaches to problems.

7. When men are out numbered by women in a team they are more likely to feel insecure. Women on the other hand are not affected by this ratio.

8. A team consisting of a variety of ages will out perform a team of the same age. The variety of ages will draw on a range of life experience to create great ideas.

9. Virtual teams are are less effective then physical teams, if you must virtual connect, make sure that you can engage in physical meetings as often as possible.

Team building can have overall positive affect on any team. The team building activity you choose will determine the benefits you receive from the team building event. Team building escape room events have a vast array of team building benefits, with a variety of different team building activities on offer the team building escape room experience is sure to entertain and progress your teams performance.

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