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The Mother Of All Team Building Activities!

The nature of team building events has evolved over the years, gone are the days of sticking straws into blue tack to build the largest tower or making models from tin foil. Team building has evolved into a fun, exciting and immersive experience that joins colleagues, departments and entire businesses through dynamic and active participation. Through this, the corporate events industry is rapidly growing, with companies trying to better their offerings year after year.

Escape Room Team Building - Escape Games Events

The majority of you have attended many of the orthodox multi activity days: shooting tin cans, building rafts from barrels and navigating your way around cones whilst blindfolded. All of these activities incorporate the basics of team building, improving upon communication and leadership skills. Like all industries, products can become stale and with consumers having access to more information than ever before, team building events must continue to be proactive and flexible in their quest to satisfy consumers. Thankfully, 2017 has seen the birth of what can only be described as the most IMMERSIVE and EXCITING team building experience that can be delivered directly to your door.........

Escape Room Team Building - Escape Game Events

ESCAPE GAME EVENTS! The brain child of two highly experienced events managers, who decided to combine their experience of events and escape rooms to create the mother of all team building experiences. Taking the traditional escape room experience and hitting the road, Escape Game events is able to deliver all of the unique benefits of a traditional escape rooms straight to your door. A few key benefits include: communication, team work, networking and problem solving, all of which aim to enhance team performance and moral and can be achieved in any of the events on offer. Each activity encourages competition and most importantly bragging rights for the victorious teams, which can be bought up at every single quarterly meeting, business lunch and Christmas party. SO is Escape Game Events right for you and your team? Do they offer the fun and excitement whilst delivering the business development objectives you require? Well take a look for your self!

Escape Room Team Building - Escape Game Events

The mobile escape unit is the only one of its kind in the UK. The 10mx10m padded black inflatable structure can be erected in almost any location. With its twin skin black finish, the mobile escape room boasts originality, which will add the extra wow factor to your event, guaranteed that your guests will not have seen anything similar. Against the clock, teams take on the panic cell, themed around an old mental asylum with padded walls and old creaking furniture. Wrongly institutionalised for a crime you did not commit, the government are trailing a new drug to stabilise patients with extreme mental health issues. You have seen in the paper how this drug is destroying minds, you need to find the drug and work out the antidote before the morning drug rounds commence.

Escape Room Team Building - Escape Game Events

The escape room which can be set up in any venue of your choice. Whether it be in your working office, hotel or conference room. Offering you the chance to turn your working environment into a scene from your favourite action movie. By sending in a team of rouge staff to infiltrate and take over your working environment. The team will take the time set the scene using props, puzzles and interactive games, all in the venue/office of your choice. This is a great chance to see how your colleagues will react to a high pressure situation within an otherwise familiar environment. The only way to survive is to foil the plans of your abductors. this is a fight or flight situation, which side of the axe will you fall?

Escape Room Team Building - Escape Game Events

An alternative to an Escape Room, the table top escape is a crack the safe activity, based on the original escape room principles. One large padlocked case will appear on each table for up to 13 groups of 10 players., The aim: to gain access into the box to locate the code to the safe. This product makes a seriously good impression on employees, clients & business partners alike, as it can be set up within minutes, with minimum interference to your day and is a perfect way to engage everyone, even those who might otherwise be against a physical activity (we all know that person). This activity is a great way to get clients acquainted and can be made completely bespoke, this means each clue can be designed specifically around your company - great for showcasing how your company operates and equally putting your employees to the ultimate test. Solving a series of puzzles and clues teams have to crack the code for the safe within a 60 minute time frame. The perfect end to any meeting, conference or business event. Ideal for the larger groups with a maximum amount of 130 players at once!


Escape Room Team Building - Escape Game Events

Offering a completely bespoke service, each activity can be adjusted in duration and difficulty ensuring that a fully inclusive experience is had by all. For the ultimate package you can get an experience tailored around your business, simply ask the staff at Escape Game Events to design the riddles and clues around you and your team. The staff at Escape Game Events understand that a successful team is like a well maintained engine, you need each individual component to work well, but most importantly each individual component needs to work in unison with the next for the engine to keep turning. As soon as one component stops the entire engine stops. Like the good old engines;

Escape Room Team Building - Escape Game Events

"A chain is only as strong as its weakest link" Nothing makes that link stronger then trying to escape from an old mental asylum or breaking into a safe. There is no time like the present to start strengthening bonds and bringing your team together with escape room team building activities. No longer fixed to their concrete foundations, the escape game experience can be delivered in almost any location. Bringing, the ever growing in popularity, industry to you. Providing a UK nation wide service, the Escape Game Events team will happily travel from the chilly tips of Scotland, right down to the sunny beaches of Devon to deliver their truly exhilarating team building events.

As a full event management service provider, the Escape Game Events team will organise every aspect of your event. As soon as your team are handed over our team, we take control of the entire experience ensuring you can kick back and enjoy the fun. All that is left to ask is; "DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO ESCAPE AN ESCAPE GAME EVENT?" For your chance to experience the escape room phenomenon at your next team building event, check out their website; Their friendly, knowledgeable staff will be happy to help and assist you with the organisation of your event. Make your next event, an Escape Game Event.

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