Mobile Escape Rooms Oxford - Oxfordshire

Mobile Escape Rooms Oxford - Oxfordshire You’re planning your next event, be it a wedding, party, team-building activity. And you’re interested in the idea of a Mobile Escape Room, but you have a lot of people to consider, in terms of transport, time, location? So you might be thinking are there options for Mobile Escape Rooms Oxford? You might be asking yourself what is an escape room, breakout room, escape the room game, escape event, escape game? If you’ve seen the Fort Boyard, Crystal Maze, Jungle Run, Escape The Hounds then you’re halfway there. Usually in these shows a small team take it in turns to complete puzzle challenges in different themed locations or rooms. All in order to accu

Mobile Rage Room - The UK's #1 Rage Room Event

Rage Room Events What is a rage room event? A rage room event is also known as a ‘smash room’ or ‘anger room’ and is a place where people can vent their rage, let off steam and have fun, destroying objects within a room. For example, participants can break items by throwing them against hard surfaces, throwing other items at them or smashing items with tools, such as sledgehammers, baseball bats and crowbars. Rage room events will supply a wide range of ‘smashable’ items, typically household objects along with office-based items such as; keyboards, vases, plates, desks, tvs, typewriters, plant pots, chairs, office phones, laptops and so on. Rage room events might sound a little scary to some

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