Team Building Escape Room

Escape Rooms are rapidly becoming the latest trend for corporate team building, overtaking the old fashioned activities like archery and giant building blocks. Ideal for targeting many business development objectives, Escape Room team building can offer a wide variety of team building benefits for businesses/ organisations of all shapes and sizes. Now a well established industry, with static Escape Rooms popping up all over the country, the Escape Room team building experience is becoming ever more accessible. The latest trend to be sweeping the corporate team building industry is the birth of mobile Escape Rooms. Mobile Escape Room team building activities have up rooted the Escape Room exp

Team Building Escape Room - 'What's It All About?'

Team Building Escape Room - ‘What’s It All About?’; You may have noticed on line, heard from a friend or even experienced your self, that many companies around the world are turning to the new Escape Room phenomenon for corporate team building events, but ‘what is it all about?’ I hear you asking yourself. The team building escape room craze has been on the rise for many years, which has resulted in a variety of different team building escape room providers popping up all over the world. Traditionally team building escape room events are hosted in a fixed location within a city/ town centre that you to take your team, family, friends or loved ones to visit. As the concept has developed there

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