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Mobile Escape Room Machester

Mobile Escape Rooms Manchester!

So what’s a mobile escape room? Well, a mobile escape room is exactly that. Just like a traditional brick and mortar escape room, the only significant difference is its unique ability to be erected practically anywhere. So you might be thinking are there options for Mobile Escape Rooms in Manchester? Don’t panic, Escape Game Events have you covered for mobile escape rooms in Manchester! We cater for teams of 2 - 280 with a range of different mobile escape room activities that can be delivered in almost any venue in Manchester.

Take a look at the following mobile escape room options we have available to you!

The ultimate in immersive team building. You are a team of urban explorers and you have caught wind of a hot new spot to take some cool photos and see some strange sights. The old 1940’s hospital was abandoned many years ago but many of the wards have been left untouched. You decide to check it out. After a long evening of exploring, you decide to call it a day. But things take a dark turn when your group suddenly falls unconscious. Waking up several hours later, you find yourselves locked in one of the wards of the hospital. You must escape before whoever did this returns to finish what they started.

One night you and your team are working late, trying to get a head start on the

Johnson account. After hours of sweat and tears falling into your keyboard you find yourself slowly slipping into a sleepy haze. As the morning sun starts to beam in through the windows your eyes begin to open and to your horror your office has been completely ransacked. Files and documents litter the ground, the phones are not working and the computers are down. worse still, the doors have been locked. Something strange is happening and you need to get out fast before things become worse.

Taking on the roles of professional bank thieves, working together for one last score. A local banks security has grown pretty lax as of late and you know it’s the perfect time to strike. You must work fast, as you are not the only team of criminals after this perfect prize. After overcoming the initial problem of escaping police custody, your team must complete the challenges in order to get the security code of the banks safe. The first team to do so will be taking home the gold!

Your team will become the lead investigators in the mystery of the murdered managing director. A passer by witnessed the murder through the door left slightly a jar and has informed the authorities. Blood soaked clothes, potential murder weapons and a variety of clues lay between you and the criminal at large. Follow the clues and solve the case before the trail runs cold and your reputation goes down the drain.

If you think you and your team have what it takes to escape one of our mobile escape room activities then do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our escape experts today! They are on hand via the phone and email to answer any questions you may have. Make your next event an Escape Game Event.

0330 133 1479

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