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What is a rage room event? A rage room event is also known as a ‘smash room’ or ‘anger room’ and is a place where people can vent their rage, let off steam and have fun, destroying objects within a room. For example, participants can break items by throwing them against hard surfaces, throwing other items at them or smashing items with tools, such as sledgehammers, baseball bats and crowbars. Rage room events will supply a wide range of ‘smashable’ items, typically household objects along with office-based items such as; keyboards, vases, plates, desks, tvs, typewriters, plant pots, chairs, office phones, laptops and so on.

Rage room events might sound a little scary to some, but rest assured health and safety is a top priority. As a participant at a rage room event you can expect to be given a detailed briefing prior to your range room event experience. During this briefing game rules will be outlined, a demonstration may be given, and health and safety procedures discussed. Along with this, the rage room event manager will supply you with personal protective equipment which will prevent you from becoming injured during your time inside of the rage room. Typical rage room event attire will include protective overalls, face mask and chest protector, hard hats can also be supplied but this not essential. Once you are kitted up, it’s time to choose your weapon of choice from the armoury on offer. Like the sound of it so far?

Mobile Rage Room

So where have range room events come from and who are they for? Rage room events started out in japan in around 2008 and have slowly made their way over to the uk, spreading the concept to other countries such as serbia and argentina along the way. Still a relatively untouched market there are only a handful operating throughout the country- unlike the united states who have hundreds in cities across the country, from tucson to dallas. Rage room events appear to appeal to all markets in both the public and corporate realms, offering an alternative way to have fun with friends and colleagues alike. Rage room events are a good way to help de-stress your work force, giving teams the opportunity to vent out their frustrations must surely be productive for the workforce? And what about friends and families, well to me that sounds like perfect entertainment. The beauty of a range room event is most of the time, players can be viewed by their friends and family through the 360-degree viewing area, this makes range room events a great spectator sport too.

So, you’re thinking this might be for you but you’re not sure what you will get out of it? Although there isn’t yet much specific research on whether range rooms can benefit you by lowers stress levels, there’s no denying their popularity is soaring, so they are clearly doing something right. Blowing off steam makes people feel better in the moment that’s why we are a nation of gym goers isn’t it? This form of ‘destruction therapy’ is on the move and making its way to you. So, the next time you’re feeling a bit stressed, or your team at work have worked tirelessly to meet a tight deadline, why not vent out some anger and get smashing stuff up!!!

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