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Christmas Party Escape Room

So you’re in charge of organising this year Christmas party. You want it to be a smash hit so you need to find a great crowd pleasing activity. You’ve heard that escape rooms are really fun and think everyone would get a kick out of it. But you’ve got so many colleagues and that can be a challenge. Transport and logistics can be the biggest hurdle when organising the staff Christmas party; making sure everyone turns up on time, keeping everyone together and finding a place for you all to stay. What if there was a way to bring the Christmas party escape room to you? Well you’re in luck!

Escape Game Events are the UK’s leading ‘mobile escape room’ and ‘escape style’ activity provider. Sporting a wide variety of mobile escape room games that could be ideal for you Christmas party escape room experience.

mobile office escape room

Office lockdown

Office lockdown brings you the full escape room experience by commandeering your offices breakout space, conference room or unused meeting room we will transform your workplace into a genuine escape room experience

inflatable escape room

Mobile escape room

The ultimate in immersive team building. Everything you would expect from a traditional escape room brought right to your doorstep. This mobile escape room is perfect for those who want all the thrills and challenges you would normally get from a brick and mortar location but without the stress of organising a company trip out. Ideal for a Christmas party escape room.

tabletop escape room

Taking all the fun and challenges of an escape game and condensing it down into a table top challenge. Our table top escape game is the most portable escape game on the market. split into Teams of 10 and shackled from wrist to wrist, players must work together to break into a flight case and solve the puzzles within. This activity is great for getting everyone playing your Christmas party escape room all at the same time as it accommodates up to 250 people competing at once.

Do not hesitate and be different and book a Christmas party escape room experience for this years Christmas!

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