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Team Building Escape Room

Escape Rooms are rapidly becoming the latest trend for corporate team building, overtaking the old fashioned activities like archery and giant building blocks. Ideal for targeting many business development objectives, Escape Room team building can offer a wide variety of team building benefits for businesses/ organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Now a well established industry, with static Escape Rooms popping up all over the country, the Escape Room team building experience is becoming ever more accessible. The latest trend to be sweeping the corporate team building industry is the birth of mobile Escape Rooms. Mobile Escape Room team building activities have up rooted the Escape Room experience from it's concrete foundations and can now deliver it directly to your door, with a variety of indoor and out door team building activities. We have put together a list our top mobile escape room activities that will bring the Escape Room team building experience to you.

We are the UK's leading mobile escape room provider, with a variety of activities on offer to cater for groups of 2 all the way up to 250 per game. Offering a range of Escape Room team building activities:

0 - 10 Players per game

Locked inside the completely bespoke structure, each team will be transported into a 1950's abandoned hospital. Whilst trapped inside this fully immersive experience, teams must work together and work fast, searching through patient notes and belongings to find the puzzles and clues that will lead them to their escape. The aim of the game is to escape before the morning med round begins.

0 - 20 Players per game

Office Lockdown is a fully immersive escape room that can be set up in any room of any venue. Themed to represent a ransacked office, teams will be blindfolded and escorted into the room. As the game begins teams will have to navigate around the room searching for keys, puzzles and clues to progress through the game. As one clue leads to the next, the participants will edge closer and closer to victory until they finally make the emergency call for help. This call will provide them with the exit code to success.

0 - 250 Players per game

Each team is presented with a chained and padlocked safe. Once the countdown timer begins, teams must work together to solve a series of puzzles and clues that are retrieved in the many layers of the safe. The pressure cooker situation makes for a great atmosphere as teams race head to head to be the first to crack the safe and take home the victory.

With a wide range of formats available (boasting 30, 45 or 60 minute games), Escape Game Events can tailor each Escape Room team building activity to fit into the schedule of any event. Get in contact with the team today, let them know when, where and how many participants you have and they will deliver a full event proposal.


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