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Team Building Escape Room - 'What's It All About?'

Team Building Escape Room - ‘What’s It All About?’;

You may have noticed on line, heard from a friend or even experienced your self, that many companies around the world are turning to the new Escape Room phenomenon for corporate team building events, but ‘what is it all about?’ I hear you asking yourself. The team building escape room craze has been on the rise for many years, which has resulted in a variety of different team building escape room providers popping up all over the world. Traditionally team building escape room events are hosted in a fixed location within a city/ town centre that you to take your team, family, friends or loved ones to visit. As the concept has developed there are now a selection of mobile escape room activity providers that will bring the games to your door. This is highly beneficial to the team building events industry as the majority of team building events take place in hotels, manor houses and offices around the UK. So … ‘What’s it all about?’. There are five key reasons why the team building escape room experience has taken over the corporate market and these following five points are ‘what it is all about!’

1. They are cost efficient!

Whether you are a large corporation or a small three person team, budgets are always an issue. Keeping costs down and organisational benefits high is one of the main factors when booking a team building experience. Well the truth is, the team building escape room experience offer just that , often coming in with a cheaper cost per head to the traditional team building events like ‘it’s a knock out’ or hover craft races.

2 . They encourage critical thinking and problem solving!

There is no argument to be had, team building escape room activities are the best way to get your team thinking out side the box. With a variety of different mental and physical challenges to complete your team will have to develop new strategies together, to complete the game and escape.

3. They positively reinforce team work!

Although the aim of the team building escape room is to escape in the fastest time possible and beat your fellow team mates, the unique experience brings your team together to positively discuss the problems they faced during the course of the game.

4. They leave a lasting legacy!

Once the fun is over and your team return to the office on Monday morning to put into practice everything they have learnt, you will hear constant reference to the team building escape room activity for weeks to come.

5. They are fun and exciting!

The team building events industry is evolving, the old activities like archery, human sheep herding and blind football have been done a hundreds of times before. Companies and organisations are looking for new and innovative experiences to develop their key business development objectives.

For more information on how team building escape room activities can benefit your organisation, feel free to get in contact with one of our ESCAPE experts today!

0330 133 1479

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