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Escape Game Events, Team Building

Escape Game Events, Team Building

Team Building

Mobile Rage Room team building

Had a tough day, week or even year? Rage rooms are the ultimate new way to let your team vent some steam. locked inside our bespoke, 360 degree viewing unit, you and your team get the chance to destroy a choice of work related items in the name of stress relief. Armed with a choice of destructive tools from baseball bats to crowbars, it is your job to ensure that every single last piece of those pesky items are destroyed, whilst your team watch on and enjoy the fun. We all know what it is like when the phone doesn't stop ringing, well now is your chance for pay back. Rage rooms are the new fun and light hearted team building activity that will bring your team together through laughter and excitement. so don't be shy and give it a try.

(all smash-able items are supplied by us, you can not bring in your own items to smash)


  • Players


    hire is based on duration of event not people per event

  • game duration

    10 minutes

    Each person in the team gets ten minutes to do their worst 

  • set up time

    60 minutes

    60 minute set up time required 

    60 minute take down

  • venue requirements

    5m x 5m x 2.4m (H)

    one chair per spectator

    indoors or outdoors

    one or multiple rooms

Escape Game Events - Team Building - Mobile Escape Room


for more information on our Rage Room activity get in touch with a member of our bookings team today and experinence the most exciting team building activity out there!

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